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Brent W. Shreiner,
President, RMT Corporation


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Cathleen Bahan Consulting tailors marketing best practices to the needs of small-to-midsize businesses, startups and nonprofits. We believe that great marketing doesn’t have to be expensive— just smart, disciplined and agile.

As researchers, strategists and hands-on tacticians, we’re equipped to contribute to any phase of your marketing endeavor. We conduct market research in order to discover the root of a problem, identify customer needs, understand competitor threats and inform a wide variety of business decisions. We craft marketing strategies that are workable and effective. And we’re results-driven communicators who can bring to life your marketing plan with a website, newsletter, brochure or press coverage. If you need a part-time marketing executive to get you through a busy time, we can help with that, too.

A strong sense of craft informs all that we do. Our innate curiosity, discerning analysis and imaginative approach to marketing challenges enable us to identify overlooked opportunities and to fashion compelling communications.


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